Friday, July 13, 2012

The Rogue River: My New Summer Home

This summer I decided it was time to explore the next step in the seasonal world... working on the river! I traded my desk job for life as a raft guide rowing gear boats down the Rogue River. Yes, you read it right, RAFT guide! It's been quite a bit different from being a kayaker but well worth it. It feels like I went from driving a sassy sports car to navigating a school bus on ice. (As the seasoned guides like to say.) Instead of always facing downstream, I can also face upstream and pull downstream. In a kayak I would never think to "back into it" but in a raft its a common way to successfully complete a move.

So far I've been down the Rogue River four times since I arrived in early June. Here are a couple pictures from one of my trips!

JR & I at Dulog Falls, one of the many side waterfalls on the Rogue River.

Misty morning on the river

Me going big... real big! This is the highest cliff I've ever jumped off and I don't plan on going any higher!!

Yes, that's me rowing!

Rowing out of Mule Creek Canyon, one of the most majestic canyons on the Rogue. JR is just happy to be in his kayak!

From the Grand Canyon to the Rogue River - it's fun to be back on the water with Ryan & JR.

Dustin and I relaxing and enjoying the many views of the river canyon.

Dr. Seuss tree! It's a pretty awesome tree that keeps holding on even though the soil under it's roots have been washed away by high water.

Some of the unique polished rocks along the river

JR in one of the best kettles on the river. You can watch people float by and they have no idea you're even there!
My first bear sighting!!

Jeni & I relaxing and enjoying the view.

The entrance to the Flora Dell  flats where there's an abundance of conglomerate rocks. See the little dog? Red Dog came with us on the whole trip!

Our last night camp. This is my favorite camp on the river so far.