Thursday, April 26, 2012

Multi-day Adventure on the Lower Deschutes

Ever since my trip down the Grand Canyon back in November, I've been dreaming of another multi-day rafting trip! This past weekend that dream became a reality! The goal of the trip was to keep it simple and simple it was. The trip consisted of myself, and two friends - Liz and Hayley. We chose the Lower Deschutes in Northern Oregon as our river and the rest of the logistics were a breeze!

We decided to take 4 days to do this section which guaranteed us a stress free trip. From the moment arrived at the put-in to the day we got to the take-out we were on river time. Our only worries were getting plenty of sleep,  putting on an abundance of sunscreen and making the most of our time at camp. This proved not to be a problem at all! 

Finishing Packing and Rigging on Day 1

Practicing my rowing skills with my fearless passenger - Amelia!

Some of the beautiful canyon scenery we passed each day

No river trip is complete without a little costume wear

Getting ready for Day 2

Suns out guns out! It was over 80 degrees each day.

Hayley rowed her own Cataraft for the entire trip

Liz soaking up the sun and keeping track of where we were at on the river map

Camp the 2nd night was perfectly shaded when we arrived which was greatly appreciated after spending several hours baking in the hot sun.


If you look in the above the center of this photo you can see Mountain Goats! We woke up in the morning and got to watch these goats from hours without leaving our sleeping bags.

Since Liz didn't have a paco pad we just put the two we did have together and we all slept on them! No tent required = perfect night on the river.

Liz & I preparing with lifeguard quality chap stick to prevent getting our lips burnt by the sun
View from our last camp looking down into the river canyon

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