Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home . . .

When I arrived in the Pacific Northwest the only thing I knew was I had a job, a Monte Carlo & a cousin in Portland. The minor detail I was missing was a place to live. After a little roommate searching and commuting (1 hour & 15 minutes each way) from my cousin's house in Portland, I found an opportunity that I knew little about, calling a tent my home. So... as many of you have been asking about it, here it is!

My home is actually borrowed from fellow Minnesotan's Nate & Heather Herbeck. My dream is to own a tent someday. (The key is to invest in one you can stand up in.) I have come to love this new life and feel so fortunate to be able to come home to my tent every night. We did experience unseasonable amounts of rain when I learned the importance of not having your blankets or pillows touching the side of the tent. Needless to say, that was a rough night which ended with me sleeping in the "hard top" aka Monte Carlo.

This photo is of our community tent that which we like to call, "The Big Tent". (We're pretty original). You can see the water hydrant in the lower left hand corner, sink setup on the right and cook top stove in front of the tent. Inside this luxurious estate is a picnic table, small refrigerator, wood stove & tons of laughter! We recently received a huge TV so we will be partaking in movie nights soon. You will also see Norm the Yellow Lab in front of the tent. He is my favorite roommate!

One of the best things about living in a tent is hearing your surroundings. This is a photo of the White Salmon river that runs in our backyard. I fall asleep and wake up to the sound of this river everyday. It is a constant reminder of how lucky I am to be here, living in a tent. Words cannot describe how amazing it is to live in a tent. If you have never tried it, I would highly recommend it! I cook supper under the stars, fall asleep to a river rushing with life and energy and wake up to the breathtaking hills of the Pacific Northwest.

I always have to laugh at people's reaction when they hear I live in a tent. Most people who know me are not surprised at all. Those who don't know me feel bad for me. The end result is the same, I am beyond lucky to call this tent, home sweet home.


  1. I lived in a tent a lot when I was younger and rode my Harley around the country...it's w great feeling that words cannot describe. Then again it's not for everyone...only the few :)

  2. I love it! Falling asleep to the sound of moving water is my favorite thing in the whole world. Miss you! I promise to return your phone call this weekend.... life just got busy again this week for me.

  3. Nora - I agree and feel fortunate to be part of "only the few".

    Danielle - Call when you can, love to catch up on your adventures!