Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let the journey begin . . .

The morning of May 2, 2010 marked the beginning of a whole new world, adventure and way of life. As I pulled out of the driveway, I was leaving all that I ever knew behind me. I would no longer be waking up to the rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doing outside my bedroom window or hearing my niece, Jill, come racing up the stairs in the morning. I packed up my Monte Carlo, put my play boat in the passenger seat, strapped my creek boat to the top and took whatever else would fit. With the sun still sleeping behind the horizon, I started my journey to the Pacific Northwest.

This journey had many new firsts for me. The first time I moved out of Minnesota, the first time I drove this far by myself and the first time I knew I was on the right track. About 100 miles into South Dakota I passed a hitch-hiker headed east. I called my sister right away to ask if this was an omen of how I would someday return to Minnesota. After passing the windy Black Hills, sneaking through Wyoming and heading through rain and snow in Montana I decided it was time to stop for a good night of sleep. My family, knowing how I normally travel, insisted I stay at an actual Hotel or Motel versus “sleeping in the hard top” as I like to call it. (They never understood sleeping in my car, especially in the trunk next to my kayak!)

I awoke well rested from my 16 hour day and ready to finish the drive. As I passed through the Mountains in Idaho I realized I wouldn’t want to get caught up there with snow. Once I passed the mountains and arrived into Washington I was attacked by tumbleweeds! Never in my life have I experienced such horrendous winds or visibility so poor because of dirt and gravel whipping about. Finally, after getting terrible gas mileage, I began my descent into the place I was about to call home. The Columbia River Gorge is the place I’ve never seen but heard so much about. This national scenic area is so breathtaking; it can’t be described in words.

I am excited to start this new adventure, chasing a dream to find a balance between work, play and life. This “new” life will be amazing but so was the one I left in Minnesota. I am so lucky to have been blessed with incredible family, genuine friends and more adventures and hilarious stories than I can even remember. A special thank you to my mom, sisters and brothers who have always been there for me and always will be. A friend once told me that I, “wear the world like a loose garment”, you should try it sometime… you never know where it will take you! So… with that, let the journey begin…

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