Friday, July 30, 2010

Morning Adventure

This brief blog is dedicated to Danielle Magnuson! Thanks for reminding me I need to keep this update. I love reading your blog ( I hope that I too can write like you!

I love going on morning adventures. The sun here is awake far before most of us even think about setting an alarm. This past month or so I have been trying to get up earlier & make the most our of my days here. My favorite thing to do in the early morning is to paddle on the glacier fed waters of the White Salmon river. Sounds exciting... right!??! For those of you less adventurous folks, you can experiment by filling a bath tube with ice cubes & splash around it in the morning. ;)

On this particular morning I went on a different kind of adventure, a little hike. Lindsay was the brave trooper to wake up early & go. We decided to check out Rattlesnake Falls.

It was an easy hike to a deep little canyon. Check it out! This little journey is about 15 minutes from my tent. And... for my mother, I made sure to put some people in the photos ;)


  1. I found your blog through a Google alert. My romantic mystery novel is titled Dream or Destiny and I have a Google alert to let me know any time it's mentioned online. I was curious when your blog came up in the alert so clicked over for a visit and enjoyed reading about your adventures.

  2. Lillie, glad you have enjoyed it. There will be many more to come :)

  3. You have energy like few others girl. I hope I can make it out with you one morning when I get back!