Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Gourmet Breakfast

Breakfast (aka brekkie) is probably my favorite meal of the day. Living in the backwoods of Washington, it can be hard to find a good place to go. Unlike Minnesota, there are only a couple places that make breakfast on the Washington side of the Columbia River. So, on my day off, my friend Jen offered to make me one of her signature breakfast dishes at her house. I was in for a real treat!

Jen started with freshly sliced mushrooms, onions and garlic sautéed in extra virgin olive oil. She then added some fresh spinach and let that steam for a short while on top of the other veggies. The next step was to create “nests” in the spinach for the eggs. After all the eggs were in, she covered them in more spinach and allowed them to steam. This steam and moisture from the veggies then poached the eggs to bring them to a delightful finish.

While she was preparing our main course, I sliced some potatoes & onions for hash browns and added some of her fresh ground pepper. Never before have I seen peppercorns crushed in such a fashion. Check out the photo of Jen’s making her own pepper!

All of this was served on a tortilla with freshly grated cheese. This delicious breakfast was served with French pressed tea for a phenomenal combination. This breakfast was so delicious, I tried to recreate it when my family visited. You’ll have to ask them what they thought of this gourmet breakfast…

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