Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life on Crutches

Life on crutches has proven to have its ups & downs. The easy part is seeing all the negatives so I’ve been challenging myself to focus on the positives.

You get a wheelchair when you tour a museum. Who likes to stand that whole time anyway?

My sister got stuck in a snow bank up to her hip. All she could say was,"LORI! Give me your crutch NOW I can't get out." See... there's perks to carrying these things around. :)

Hiking becomes more of an upper body workout. Even though I can't go as far, I can still get out there. The furthest I've hiked was 1/2 mile before taking a break. It felt like forever.

My leg gets it's own chair for wine tasting!

I've watched my body progress a lot over the last 2 months. Slowly but surely the signs of healing are getting easier and easier to see. Recently I started to drive my car with my left foot. After 50 days of relying on others, it felt good to have the freedom and independence to drive myself. Other signs of progress include going to the grocery store alone & sleeping without a boot on my leg. Talk about appreciating the simple things in life!

June 7th is my next appointment when the x-ray will show if I'm ready to start putting weight on my leg again. Hopefully everything will go well and I can start the next stage in recovery - rebuilding strength. I made the mistake of trying to sit in my kayak this week. The only reason it was a mistake is because my boot fits and I'm getting anxious to get out on the water again.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me through this challenging time. For those of you said you'd paddle with me, be prepared, it won't be long now... I might not be able to carry it to the river but I will be able to paddle it :)

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