Friday, January 13, 2012

Fall Adventure: North Carolina/West Virgina

In October I went on a whitewater road trip with two of my favorite friends, Nicki and Norman. Our destinations included Asheville, NC and the Gauley River in West Virgina. Here are a few of the highlights:

Drew Austell, host extraordinaire, kept us well entertained during our stay including giving us full reign of his man cave. Never before have I used a dawn simulator for an alarm clock but trust me, it was much needed! Here are a few other highlights:

Hanging like monkey's in the giant Maple tree and creating leaf angels.

Exploring new waterfalls, waiting for more rain and beer tasting after playing on the Nolichucky.

Hiking up Max Patch to overlook the Great Smokey Mountains in full color. Squishing 3 kayakers, 2 dogs, gear and camping equipment into Nicki's little Honda... oh yeah, and adding 4 kayaks on top!

Next Stop... West Virgina.

Kayaking the New River Gorge... one of the oldest rivers in the world! With house-sized boulders, our kayaks look like little specs of color. Rafting the Upper Gauley with my Washington crew. :)

To sum it up, fall on the east coast was a colorful trip filled with rivers and good friends. I can't wait to return!!

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  1. Glad we got a little status update. Now to tell us about your other new experiences. Miss Ya!