Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Winter Home

(Charming Chalet)

As luck would have it, a perfect winter home opportunity stumbled across my path. I currently reside in a charming chalet tucked on a hill with a view of Mt. Adams. Chalet you may ask? I wondered the same thing! I basically have my own detached living space from a house but use the bathroom, kitchen & laundry inside. I even enjoy modern conveniences such as wireless internet, an endless supply of DVDs with a comfy coach to watch them on and warm cozy queen sized bed.

(View of half the Chalet)

It also offers other luxuries such as a breathtaking view from the toilet. Yes, as I sit on the toilet I get to watch the sun illuminate the massive snow covered Mt. Adams. But that’s not all this place has to offer.

(Mt. Adams trying to hide behind the evergreens)

There is a whole trail system (which I still have to get figured out) right here too! It’s amazing to have the option to come home and go hiking until my little heart desire.

How far did I go to find a place like this? Not far at all. This charming chalet is located 1.5 miles from my job at Wet Planet Whitewater in Husum, WA. I have the option to commute via bike or Monte Carlo to work.

I am happy to call this my home for the winter months. Heck, there’s even a lama here too! Special thanks to my friend Alexa for traveling to Australia, the Grand Canyon & Europe to make this possible. What a true friend to leave her place allowing this to be my winter home. :)

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