Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thank You 2010 - Bring it on 2011!

2010 was full of many changes for me. I rang in the New Year in New Orleans while on a road trip in the Southeast. After my new found love and appreciation for whitewater kayaking, I ended up going back to the Southeast in April for a kayaking trip. This trip confirmed my need to work in the outdoor industry which led me to applying for a seasonal job at Wet Planet Whitewater Center. After a phone interview and a 2 week notice, I packed my car & moved to the Pacific Northwest. I found myself in whirlwind of changes including a healthier diet, daily kayaking & outdoor living. Yes, I lived in a tent by the river for 6 months. This experience, unfathomable by most, was phenomenal. I spent my nights cooking under the stars, falling asleep to the rushing river below & waking up to the refreshing air of the great outdoors. I’m currently living indoors for the winter months but am looking forward to returning to my tent life in May. My family was also able to visit me in August and get a taste for my new life here.

(Took my siblings to the local hot springs; Horseback riding in the Columbia River Gorge)

My initial intention was to be here only for a summer; little did I know what was in for! I ended up loving the area, the people and my job. What was a seasonal position turned into a full time year-round career. I am working on marketing initiatives and sales for our 2011 season. Wet Planet hosts numerous team building events, family reunions, wedding parties and so much more. Part of my position is to assist in the planning for these groups. People + Whitewater Rafting = Long lasting memories & tons of FUN! What more could you ask for in your job? I feel very fortunate to have found an industry, career & company I love. Heck, I even get to go kayaking & rafting with my bosses!

(Enjoying whitewater kayaking; Training a new guide so my co-workers & boss had to go rafting)

I recently took a trip back to Minnesota for Christmas and enjoyed the company of family & friends. I was even fortunate enough to be there for 12+ inches of snow. Oh now I miss shoveling… not! For those of you I wasn’t able to catch up with, hopefully next time. But, I always enjoy getting emails from back home. :)

(Sunset in the Columbia River Gorge; Winter is here, Husum Falls on the White Salmon River)

In 2011 I plan to officially become a Washington resident & continue my adventure in the Pacific Northwest. I will be going on a few multi-day river trips and hopefully an international trip this fall. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support in 2010. I do miss the networking groups, community involvement, family & friends in Minnesota. You are always welcome to visit! I currently reside in Husum, Washington which is an hour and 15 minutes from Portland, OR in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. This is an area of pristine beauty, fine wines, full flavored micro-brews, adventurous hikes, crystal clear waterfalls and so much more. I promise, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy the New Year!

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  1. Yeaaaa... you're becoming a northwester!!! you'll never be able to leave now. muahahaha!

    Lovely blog post. Happy new year to you. I am sure 2011 will bring you many more crazy adventures and 1000's of river miles.

    much love!